Thai doctors save suicidal man’s life after he swallowed four huge metal NAILS


Thai doctors saved the life of a 75-year-old man after he swallowed four huge metal nails to try and commit suicide due to Covid-19.

The unidentified pensioner went to the Damnoen Saduak Hospital in Ratchaburi province after having severe abdominal pains on January 26.

He claimed that he did not know why he suddenly had stomach aches so they did some tests on him including an x-ray exam.

However, his attending doctor, Santi Sukwan, was shocked when they found the nails – which were up to four inches long – lodged inside his stomach.

The old man then admitted to the doctor that he was depressed and tried to kill himself by swallowing the nails. He was worried about catching Covid-19 and depressed at not being able to see his family due to restrictions on travel.

Doctor Santi said: ‘The patient said he had a failed suicide attempt. He waited for a few hours to die, but rushed to the hospital when he could no longer bear the pain.’

The medics performed emergency surgery on the man and took almost an hour before they were able to remove the nails.

The nails were located close to the appendix so the doctors also had to cut it off as well.

Despite his old age, the patient went through the surgery smoothly and no other organs were punctured by the sharp objects.

The doctor added that the nails could have punctured his intestines if they were not removed on time.

He said: ‘The patient could have died if he did not came to us for help. Good thing he was not hurt badly.’

The old man is now recovering at the hospital where he will be closely monitored due to the physical injuries.