Ecstatic girl finds pet monitor lizard after it went missing for a week


A woman was ecstatic after finding her pet monitor lizard which had been missing for a week.

The runaway reptile – a male, yellow-headed water monitor lizard named Uttarayan – escaped from his cage in Nakhon Ratchasima province, northeastern Thailand after Natchnon went for a holiday on October 24.

Natchon came home this week to find a palm-sized hole in her pet’s cage. She said Uttarayan must have broken out to breed as it was mating season at the time.

Frustrated after days of searching, desperate Natchnon took to social media to ask for help.

Finally, a neighbour informed her that the monitor lizard has been found relaxing in a pond about 20 metres away from her home.

The delighted pet owner cradled Uttarayan in her arms and carried him home.

She said: ‘Uttarayan is like my own child. I was sad for days when he wasn’t around.

‘Now I will have to spend 8,000 THB to repair the cage and to make sure this naughty boy does not try to escape.’