Cambodian man, 31, found dead after being electrocuted by charging smartphone


A Cambodian worker is believed to have died from electrocution after sleeping beside his charging phone with earphones on.

La Meng, 31, was found lifeless on his bed next to an electrical extension with three chargers plugged inside his room in Chonburi, eastern Thailand, on January 25.

He was lying on his side with his body touching the phone charger’s cable and appearing to have fallen asleep while listening to music.

His friend, Won Tam, 35, worried after his ‘diligent’ colleague did not show up for work in the day so he went to his apartment to check at night.

Won was calling out the worker’s front door but his friend was not answering so he forced his way inside.

He was shocked when he found La Meng on the bed looking extremely pale and not moving.

While trying to wake the man up, he pulled out the extension’s plug from the electrical outlet before calling for help.

Police officers arrived at the scene with paramedics who checked on La Meng and declared him dead.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Theerachet Thichat said there were no signs of a struggle inside the man’s room so they believe electrocution was the cause of death.

He said: ‘He was lying on the bed as if he was sleeping. He may have died due to electric shock.

‘We’ve seen these cases before so I would like to warn everyone about charging their phones and wearing earphones while sleeping.’

The man’s body was taken to the hospital for a post-mortem examination while investigations are ongoing.