Vets use CPR for two hours to save newborn kittens that were not breathing

This is the touching moment three stillborn kittens were saved after being given CPR for two hours.

The kittens’ hearts were beating but they were not breathing after being born at a veterinary clinic in Bangkok Thailand, on November 23.

Upon seeing the unfortunate creatures, the vets knew they had to do their best to save them.

They used their fingers repeatedly tapping on their chest which went on for almost two hours.

After hours of intense CPR, all the three kittens’ spluttered back into like and they started to breathe normally.

The vet, Doctor Kay said: ‘The kittens breathing had stopped when the mother cat took more than six hours to give birth. Luckily we managed to save all three of them.’

Each kitten was kept under observation for several days before going back home with their owner.