Empty car rolls into market stall after driver forgets to pull brakes


An empty car rolled into a market stall after its handbrake was left off in Thailand.

Fuangfah Charoenwan, 26, was working at her stall when she noticed the white pickup truck heading towards her direction in Buriram province on November 2.

She waved at the driver to be careful as the vehicle drew closer, thinking it was just a customer trying to maneouvre in front of her stall.

However, the car continued to move forward and knocked over her shop table while her children, including a toddler, were sitting on the ground nearby.

Concerned neighbouring shopkeepers rushed to check on the driver, but were shocked to discover that nobody was sitting inside the vehicle.

The car owner later showed up and apologised, saying the handbrake was left off. There were no injuries reported from the incident.

Fuangfah said: ‘At first I thought it was a ghost as there was no one in the car. I think the outcome could have been worse if there was an incline.’