Caring woman lives with 200 adopted stray cats in Bangkok (no subtitles) (subtitles)

A caring woman lives with 200 adopted stray cats which she rescued in eastern Thailand.

Phanarat Udomsak, also known as Joy, has been rescuing stray cats and dogs for eight years in Chonburi province.

From just two pets, her furry family ballooned to 200 after people on social media learned that she was open to adopting strays.

She said: ‘People started to give me stray cats and some would ask me to adopt kittens. That’s how it reached 200.’

Joy added that it costs around $60 a day for the cats’ living expenses, but some good Samaritans have helped her get by through donations.

She said: ‘I remember parking at the mall and posting on social media asking for people to help me with the cat food. They were kind. I received multiple transactions that allowed me to buy cat food enough for weeks.

‘My main social media account is Phanarat Udomsak and I have just created a page last month named ‘Maewmeaw Mae Lemon’. Everybody can follow me and help. They can also donate cat food to me.’