Thai border police arrest Burmese crew trying to ‘smuggle animals into the country


Thai border guards intercepted a boat from neighbouring country Myanmar that was allegedly trying to smuggle exotic marine animals.

Rubber boats and high-speed attack ships were deployed to catch the undocumented ship while it was passing through the Andaman Sea.

Marine police detained three crew members at the port in Ranong Province on Monday (March 29).

Captain Nat Charasakul, Chief of the Port Security Control Center, said the officers are continuously patrolling the area as it had been used as a route for smuggling and illegal entries.

He said: ‘We have questioned them to know where they were planning to take the smuggled goods. We will look further into it and continue to patrol.’

One of the ship’s crew said they entered illegally because the ship was broken which could delay their deliveries due to several permits needed.

He said: ‘We fear that we won’t be able to arrive on the designated date so we just travelled despite lacking papers.’

The crew members were fined 8,000 Baht for illegally entering the country before they were deported back to their home country.

Strict Covid-19 preventive measures were placed after an explosion of cases in neighbouring country Myanmar.

Thailand has recorded 15,465 Covid-19 infections and 76 deaths. Several provinces have been placed in lockdown and anyone entering the country faces extensive paperwork, tests and mandatory state quarantine for two weeks.