Thai woman builds an incredible home extension for her PET CATS

A Thai woman has built an extension on the front of her house so her pets can roam around while staying at home.

Sasamon Sophin paid 70,000 Baht (2,330 USD) for the huge cage on her veranda in Nakhon Pathom province, Thailand, for her beloved six moggies.

She hired a contractor to plan the design with her and came up with the huge playhouse cage, which wraps around the front of the building.

The end product, which was finished last week, has a roof with ladders installed to keep her pets from being bored and prevent them straying out of the house.

The cats, aged between one and six, have their own mini-doors all over her house so they could head to other areas if it rains.

On the back of the house, the yard has been enclosed and the cats can climb up to a look out point to see the neighbouring gardens.

The pet lover also designed the cage to include comfortable cushion beds and potted plants to keep the cats happy.

At night, passer-by turn their heads to watch the cats inside the cage as she had decorated it with bright lights.

Sasamon said she decided to build the kitty condo so the cats can enjoy fresh air every day while exercising without being at risk of cars or stray cats fighting with them if they are allowed to roam freely outside,

She said: ‘I love my cats so I want them to be as comfortable as me when I’m at home. They’re part of the family, too, so they should have their own space.

‘I am also worried that my pets could go missing or have an accident while roaming outside so I thought of building this.’

The construction of the cage cost 70,000 Thai Baht to finish, or a little over 1,700 GBP.