Female snake wrangler shows how to calmly catch a cobra by pinning down its head with her finger

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7i1rhmnszummonu/VRP7575.mp4?dl=0

An animal rescue team demonstrated how to properly charm a king cobra amid increasing numbers of snake sightings due to the cold season.

Footage shows a professional reptile catcher taming a snake and pinning it in a free training in Ang Thong province, Thailand on January 27.

The Ang Thong Rescue Team increased their efforts to train volunteers after several king cobras and other venomous snakes have been found inside homes.

Ratha Tapianthong, the female snake wrangler in the video, showed colleagues her techniques learned over the years.

She first stood in front of the aggressive snake calmly before bending over to touch its head slowly and eventually pinning it down.

Ratha said: ‘We want to teach more people to catch snakes because during the cold, dry season more snakes are entering people’s houses.’

The team has recorded an increase of snakes invading homes as the animals search for warmer places to shelter in during the cold season.

Aside from taming the snake, other volunteers helped her catch the cobra using a pole with a noose to secure its neck.

After the demonstration, other snake catchers tried the technique with supervision and they were able to grab its neck and body.

State meteorologist Phuwiang Prakhammin said that winter will be colder and longer than previous years. He expected the cool season to last for approximately 122 days until mid-February, with average lows of 20C to 21C nationwide throughout the entire season, however, temperatures are much lower in northern parts of Thailand.

The different species of cobras are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths each year across the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia.