Four-month-old baby girl found living in rubbish dump with her parents in China

A four-month-old baby was found living with her parents in a rubbish dump in southern China.

The infant stays with her scavenger father named Huang, 59, and her mother in a dirty shack in Yongzhou, Hunan province.

Staff from the Jiangyong County Women’s Federation arrived to inspect the child’s living conditions on November 3 after seeing a video online and receiving reports about her situation.

They learned that Huang, who sells eggs at a local vegetable market, has two daughters. They are a five-year-old girl from his first wife who left him, and his baby daughter born from his bedridden second partner.

Staff visited the area and found the shanty in disarray, with clothes strewn about and the backyard filled with smelly, uncleaned poultry waste from Huang’s chickens.

Huang said he cannot do housework as his living conditions were poor. He added that he bathes his daughters in a nearby river, thinking the children had already gotten used to it.

Good Samaritans who saw the baby’s video online called the Women’s Federation to donate milk and clothes.

The federation said: ‘Huang meets a certain level of child support and has not expressed his willingness to abandon the children. Although living conditions are poor, his custody rights should be respected.’

They added that despite local officials reaching out to Huang to help him, he had always refused to cooperate.

The Yongzhou Civil Affairs Bureau said: ‘The staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau learned that Huang had no mental illness, but his life was sloppy and hygienic, and garbage was piled up in and around the house for a long time.

‘The township government has organised many times to clean up the rubbish near Huang’s home, but Huang still has not changed.’

The government has arranged for Huang to receive an allowance of 6,000 yuan for half a year.