Chicken with third leg born on farm in Thailand


A farmer was delighted after a chicken with a third leg hatched in his coop in Thailand.

Footage shows the healthy chick standing on a table while the extra limb dangled from its back in Phetchabun province on January 9.

The bizarre bird was the only one that was malformed out of the ten eggs that hatched that day.

Aside from it extra leg with had six toes, it also had two anuses. However, they did not seem to affect its bodily functions.

The farmer’s son, Wattana Boontang, 34, said that excited neighbours offered to buy the chicken for 10,000 Baht (333USD) but they refused.

He said: ‘My father has grown attached to these creatures. He has been taking care of birds since he was young, when his uncle gave him a yellow chicken with a white tail.’

Wattana claimed that the special chick had brought them luck after his father won a small sum on the lottery eight days after it hatched.

He said: ‘Our numbers came up because of the chicken. We named him Dao Seth Thi.’ The word means the ‘star of richness’.

After refusing to sell the three-legged chick, neighbours contented themselves with visiting the chick to pray for good luck.

The chicken was given its own cage where people can visit it easily everyday.