Shocked family finds cobra hiding under the bed

A shocked family found a cobra hiding under their bed in Thailand.

Janhom Bumrungchai, 55, was walking to the bathroom when she saw the large snake slithering into her house in Chanthaburi province, Thailand on November 2.

The 10ft-long king cobra then slid past her before hiding under her bed.

Shocked Janhom informed her family and called the local snake wrangler to help her get rid of the king cobra.

The team arrived and found the frightened homeowner standing in front of her single-storey home. After moving some furniture in search of the massive reptile, they lifted the mattress and saw it coiled in a corner of the bedroom.

A team member then approached the snake and slowly pulled it out from underneath the bed, using his bare hands to secure the snake’s head and keep it from striking. The king cobra was then placed inside plastic container to later be freed to the wild.

Janhom said: ‘I was shocked when I saw its size. Thankfully, I saw it and warned everyone in the house before it could harm anyone.’