Drunk motorcycle rider crashes into lucky concrete statue in Thailand


This is the moment a drunk motorcycle rider swerved all over the road before crashing into a concrete statue in Thailand.

CCTV footage shows how man was speeding along the empty streets while veering from side to side and losing control in Khon Kaen province on November 3.

The 40-year-old rider then smashed into a lucky Buddhist statue placed next to a fish pond at a gas station entrance.

Shocked onlooker Rachanon Boonmala was having lunch when he heard the loud crash. He rushed to the entrance and found the man next to his damaged motorcycle and side trailer.

The man, known only as Kaew, had a few scratches on his right leg and a wound on his right thumb. He reportedly apologised for the crash and said he had too much to drink.

Rachanon said: ‘The man lives only 500 metres away from the gas station. He appeared to be very drunk and couldn’t speak properly. He said he had to much to drink but would be OK.

‘We tried to bring him to the hospital, but he refused and just rode back home. His parents came to the gas station after the accident and promised that Kaew would pay for the damage when he recovers.’

The crash is believed to have been settled without police getting involved and the rider aggreed to pay for the damages to the statue.