ADD LONGER VIDEO: Fisherman carry enormous 340lb grouper fish ashore in the Philippines

A huge grouper fish stunned locals when it was carried ashore by delighted fisherman after being caught off the coast of the Philippines.

The massive animal, which weighed a whopping 340 pounds, was hooked several miles out to sea from Narra, Palawan province on October 30.

It could net the sea fishermen up to 84,700 Pesos (1,700 USD) once they sell it – giving them a bumper pay-day in the struggling country.

Residents were stunned to see a group of men carrying the fish, locally known as Lapu-Lapu, tied up on a bamboo stick.

Onlooker Reynald Alejandro said he was with his friend Asher Pelayo when they saw the four fishermen hoisting the large sea creature up to a weighing hook in the local fish market.

He said: ‘We were both shocked because this was the first time we have seen such a large fish. It looked like it can fit an entire person in its stomach.’

Philippine marine experts have previously said the size of the fish is correlated with the coral reef health of the area.

They added that though locals are free to catch the grouper fish in legitimate hunting grounds, the animals should be left alone to multiply if residents have no plans to eat them.

The Philippines Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources said grouper fish was selling for up to 550 PHP a kilo in October 2021.