Woman dodges deadly loose wheel bouncing towards her head


This woman’s quick reaction saved her life by dodging a deadly loose wheel that was bouncing dangerously towards her. 

Store owner Yindee Khuntong, 60, was talking with her friend Chaluay Bunruang, 65, in front of her shop in Songkhla province, southern Thailand.

But when the pair were about to bid their goodbyes, a car’s loose wheel flew off and hurtled towards them. 

The two shocked women jumped to avoid the flying object, which missed their heads by mere inches.

Luckily, the loose wheel had only hit the wall of a neighbouring property and nobody was hurt. 

The tire owner, who later introduced himself as a technician, came back to retrieve the wheel and apologised to the ladies. 

Yindee said: ‘The driver told me he was bringing the car for repair at the shop, but the wheel happened to fly out on the way.

‘My friend and I would have been in a serious condition if we did not avoid the wheel in time.’

There was no damaged caused by the wheel and no injuries so neither of the women asked for compensation.