Thousands of bats fly together like snake winding across sky as they head out for night hunt

Video: VRP7655

This is the amazing moment thousands of bats were seen flying together out of a cave to forage for food in Thailand.

The nocturnal animals flew in unison above the forest in Uthai Thani province a few moments after the sun had set on January 24.

The bat swarm formed a shape that resembled a long black snake winding over the Khao Pathawi mountains.

Narongrit Chamnankaetgorn, the assistant village headman, said the animals return each the morning.

He said: ‘The bats don’t like the sun, so they will be home on time right before the sunrises in the morning.’

Residents living in the nearby mountain villages earn money from selling souvenirs and offering guides to tourists who wanted to see the bats.

Popular watching areas are usually by the main road where it is accessible to vehicles and there is a great view of the cave mouth in the mountains.

The bats can be seen mostly during the wintertime when they fly out to find food in the night.