Excited panda shakes snow off pavilion in Chinese zoo


An adorable panda shook the snow off a pavilion in a zoo in northeastern China.

Footage shows the excited animal standing on top of a gazebo in the Tianjin Yili Fairy Park on November 7 playfully rocking the structure back and forth to make the snow fall.

Giant pandas are considered a national treasure in China, which loans them to other countries for diplomatic purposes.

Chinese officials said these creatures are no longer endangered, but classified as vulnerable, based on the Chinese environment ministry’s own endangered animals list.

Large parts of northern China, including the capital Beijing, have this month been hit by freezing temperatures and the first snowfall of the year. It has sparked highway closures and flight and train cancellations.

Forecasters said the winter weather struck around a month earlier than usual. Temperatures on Sunday fell to some of their lowest for the period in the past decade.