Naughty kittens give themselves a fright by stepping on electric piano keys

This is the hilarious moment two curious kittens gave themselves a fright and jumped in shock as they stepped on an electric piano’s keys

Pet owner Denver Belarmino Sinas brought out the musical instrument while cleaning his room in Zamboanga City, the Philippines on October 19.

While their fur dad was busy, the kittens named Eleven and Tambe climbed up the couch to tip-tie across the piano.

However, they were unaware of the sharp sound the ivories would make as soon as they stepped on them.

Footage shows the silly pair flinching with shock and stopping in confusion when the piano made loud sounds they had never heard before.

One of the felines even tumbled from the table in shock after leaning too close to the piano’s speakers.

Keen pianist Denver said: ‘Actually, all five of my cats were bothering me while I was cleaning, but those two were the naughtiest.

‘Their reactions were so funny, I was struggling to hold my laughter while filming them.’