Grandmother takes pet chicken to exercise with her in Thailand

A grandmother takes her pet chicken to exercise with her in Thailand.

Video shows Geudsiri Rodsem, 63, jogging as her white chicken named Kriang Krai waddled behind her in Ang Thong province.

Geudsiri has been taking care of the two-year-old bird since it was born. The clingy chicken would then follow her wherever she went.

Kriang Krai was born from a bantam chicken and a black-colored Japanese chicken, both of which Geudsiri also raised.

Geudsiri said: ‘I’m not sure how Kriang Krai was born a white fluffy chicken when its mother is a black chicken.

‘On some days I would carry it to the park for exercise, and it would run after me when I’m jogging. Both my pet and I get to exercise so I think it makes the both of us healthy and closer.’