Dozey guard dog stays fast asleep amid burglary in Thailand

A dozey guard dog stayed fast asleep while a thief broke in and stole cash from a home in Thailand.

CCTV footage shows the pet dog lying next to the ornamental tree decorated with dozens of banknotes at the house in Bangkok on October 25 night.

A man clad wearing all black snuck into the property and tiptoed his way to the bouquet of money kept on a table as the owners believe the Buddhist ornament brings good luck.

However, the superstition clearly had no effect on their carefree pooch which stayed sleeping throughout the raid.

The dog was still dozing off as the burglar reached for the tree, allowing the criminal to make off with the banknotes unnoticed.

Police later arrested the 25-year-old man, who was only identified by his first name of Kraison. He confessed to being the same man in the noodle shop footage and spending all of what he’s stolen on booze.

Investigations found that Kraison was recently released from jail after being detained for similar offences.

The dog owner Witoon Aramsaengchan said: ‘My dog was tired so he did not have the strength to stand up and fight the thief. I don’t blame him as he hasn’t been well recently.’