Pet cat rescued after getting stuck in tiny wall gap

A pet cat was rescued after getting stuck in a narrow wall gap for four days in Thailand.

The cat fell from the roof and into the concrete crevice in a local’s house in Bangkok, Thailand on November 7.

Volunteer animal rescuer Anuruck Rebun arrived to retrieve the trapped kitten and heard its cries from behind the wall, where it had been for at least four days.

Since the gap was too small to pull the feline out safely, Anuruck had to widen the space using a hammer.

The cat was successfully rescued soon after.

Anuruck said: ‘The homeowner believes that the cat fell from the roof. She told me she has been hearing the cat’s cry for several days and she tried helping but the gap was too small. She said it had been making the sound for at least four days, so I think it was crying for help.

‘I brought the cat back with me to feed it. Somebody has already contacted me to adopt the cat so it will have a good home now.’