Huge python caught curled up in bank’s ATM cash machine

This is the terrifying moment a huge wild python was caught hiding inside an ATM cash machine.

A shocked customer heard the serpent moving around inside the device when they went to make a withdrawal at a bank in Surat Thani province, southern Thailand, on Tuesday November 9.

Animal handlers arrived and opened up the casing to reveal the mammoth 12th long killer reptile.

They joked that it was ‘probably trying to get some money’ because the ‘economy is not very good at the moment’.

Rescue team member Wat Cherinsuk added: ‘The weather is getting a little bit cooler and there has been a bit of rain so the snake might actually have been looking for somewhere dry and warm.’

The python was removed from the ATM and stuffed in a canvas bag before being driven away to be released into the wild.

The reticulated python is found throughout Southeast Asia. They are common in Thailand where they live in forests, swamps, canals and even in cities, where they come into conflict with humans. 

They can kill humans and regularly eat cats, dogs, birds, rats and other snakes.