HUGE python caught hiding in car dashboard in Thailand

This is the terrifying moment a HUGE wild python was caught hiding in a car dashboard.

The reptile slithered into the white pick-up truck while the owner had parked up outside his house in Prachuap Khiri Khan province, southern Thailand, on Monday night.

However, when he left for work the next day he started driving and heard a chilling ‘hiss’ and clunking sound coming from the passenger side.

The driver was shocked when he opened the glove compartment and saw the snake’s gold and black scales poking through a gap from the engine. He drove to the nearest car repair shop where they immediately checked the truck.

The scary animal video shows the enormous 12ft long reptile being yanked out of the vehicle before it was stuffed into a bag and driven away unharmed to be released into the wild.

Mechanic Phuvadech Plubin, who recorded the video, said: ‘This is the biggest snake I’ve ever seen. It’s rare to find one stuck in a car, especially this big.

‘The driver was in a panic when he arrived because the python was big enough to kill him and eat him.

‘Even though he kept his car locked, the snake can still get inside. Now he’s worried about what will be in his car when he sets off for work in the morning.’

Despite the brush with nature, the encounter with the snake is actually considered to be lucky and those who helped to remove the snake said they would use the car’s numbers for their lottery tickets.