Escaped bull rams motorcycle rider and attacks seven others before being shot

This is the terrifying moment an escaped buffalo rammed a motorcycle rider before injuring seven others.

The woman was waiting on her moped at a junction when the rampaging beast suddenly appeared in Yulin city in , Guangxi province, China, on November 9.

Dashcam footage shows how she was butted from her electric bike before cowering on the ground in front of shocked motorists and a traffic officer.

The animal then ran away down the road in front of her as terrified locals fled. In another clip, the buffalo ran into a shop on the side of a road and stayed for a while before running out.

It reportedly injured at least seven other residents during the ensuing chaos.

Police said that the buffalo had broken free from a cart while food was being unloaded at a nearby stall. It then ran wildly through the area.

The Special Patrol Detachment of the Traffic Police Detachment of Yuzhou said they rushed to the scene before surrounding the buffalo with vehicles and opening fire. It was then killed by gunshot.

Officers said that seven people were taken to the hospital and their injuries are not life-threatening.

The owner of the cattle and the driver who transported the buffalo have been controlled by the police. The incident is under further investigation and processing.