Restaurant uses remote-controlled boats to deliver food


Video: (with subtitles)

A restaurant in Thailand uses remote-controlled toy boats to deliver food to customers dining on floating rafts – to save the staff from walking.

Customers at the Krua Baan Sai Noi restaurant eat inside wooden cottages built on top of a stream in Nonthaburi province. Instead of waiting staff, they have toy boats delivering their meals.

The miniature wooden boat is loaded with different That dishes then ferries the food to the customers.

The restaurant has been in business for about five years, but only started the boat delivery service a year ago after their customer base grew larger.

Restaurant owner Saichon Pantang, 45, said the unique transport system helped employees serve meals more efficiently.

She said: ‘There are tables where the staff have to walk a long way to serve dishes. That’s when I thought a toy boat could be helpful.

.We built a new garden section and started serving food using the boats because the staff had to walk a long distance. The garden zone can be quite far.

‘The customers don’t have to interact with the staff and only have to pick up the food from the boat. I believe the customer will also enjoy the dining experience better with the boats.’

The restaurant is open from 9.00 AM to 8.00 PM every day.