British tourist rugby tackles Thai woman during scuffle at coffee shop

A British tourist was seen on CCTV allegedly rugby tackling a Thai woman during a scuffle at a coffee shop.

The Englishman, Jason Brett, 49, allegedly asked Kanchamon Chatpishatorn, 45, to meet him in downtown Phuket, Thailand, on November 8 after he claimed he had visa issues and needed help. 

Upon meeting at the cafe, the Brit took Kanchamon to the building’s second-floor before a scuffle erupted and he allegedly manhandled her during the fracas.

Kanchamon reported the incident to police and the man along with a Ukrainian couple seen in the video were summoned by police on Tuesday on the popular holiday island, which re-opened to tourists earlier this year.

The Thai woman told officers she was talking with him over coffee when Kanchamon noticed the man and woman, Alex Deribas and Iryna Deribas, walking towards the table before asking if they wanted to join her.

CCTV footage shows the Ukrainian lady allegedly hugging Kanchamon as a distraction while the husband snatched her bag.

The furious Thai woman was then seen swinging wildly at the couple but was restrained by the British man who dragged her onto the floor.

Kanchamon ran down the steps to go after her belongings after freeing herself, but the apparent thieves had already made their escape. 

Phuket police later interviewed the Brit and the Ukrainian pair, who allegedly tried to return the items and pay compensation.

Kanchamon said: ‘Their lawyer contacted me and offered to pay 400,000 THB for what happened, but I refused. I want them to be prosecuted.

‘I would have been dead if they had a knife, I’m afraid I won’t be treated fairly because they are foreigners. I believe the Ukrainian couple did this to take revenge on me because of a business issue.

‘I reported to the police before about a problem I had, but there was no progress. It’s almost like they are siding with the foreigners for some form of benefit.’ 

Police Lieutenant Colonel Ratsada Klangwong said officers were investigating the incident. He added: ‘The victim and the foreigners knew each other before the incident. There was a business-related conflict leading to what happened at the coffee shop.

‘An investigation is still ongoing. The foreign suspects will be questioned further.’