Dramatic moment boyfriend arrives to fight off alleged shoplifter attacking his girlfriend

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hco4s1ifj2zmw1y/VRP7778.mp4?dl=0

This is the dramatic moment an intruder attacked a shopkeeper – before her frantic boyfriend burst in to save her.

Nuch, 19 was concerned when the man, who has not been identified, began acting suspiciously in the store in Surat Thani, southern Thailand, Thailand, on Wednesday evening (Jan 27).

She asked him to leave but he refused, before allegedly stealing an item and becoming aggressive.

Nuch rang her boyfriend who immediately set out on his scooter from their home nearby. However, in the intervening period, the intruder had refused to leave the store.

Nuch tried to fend him off with a broom but her pounced on her, pinned her to the ground and repeatedly hit her in the face.

CCTV footage shows how mid-way through the attack, Nuch’s boyfriend, bursts in and fly-kicks the man before grappling with him on the pavement outside.

Despite the boyfriend trying to restrain him until police arrived, he fled on a motorcycle and has not been seen since.

Officers are now hunting the man over the alleged attack.

Speaking to local media, Nuch said: ‘I told him that my father was a policeman and he was coming right now. He was walking out of the store but turned back again, pushing me on the floor and getting on top of me and hitting me.’

Deputy Inspector Chaiwat Panthong said they are now searching for the man and took the CCTV footage as evidence while investigations are ongoing.

He said: ‘We’re looking into other similar cases in the area to check if this suspect matches the profile. If they do, he will also be questioned about those.’