China snow avalanche crashes from roof as owner walks below

This is the scary moment a mini avalanche of snow slid off a roof into the path of a man who had just finished clearing the frozen path.

Footage shows the owner walking through his yard when the snow crashed from the roof onto the ground below in the city of Liaoyang in Liaoning province, China, on November 9.

The man was seen running away quickly to avoid being buried by the snow before having to clear away the snow for a second time.

It came as parts of northern China were hit by record snowfall this week, disrupting public transportation and sparking concerns over an unreliable power supply throughout winter.

A cold front moving from west to east across the country caused temperatures to plummet by as much as 14 degrees. Meteorological departments in China’s northeastern regions, where more than 20 inches of snow was reported, have raised a red snowstorm alert – the highest level in China’s four-tiered warning system.

State media said at least one person has died in Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia.

Local news magazine China News Weekly said the snowfall was the worst to hit northern China since 1951. Meanwhile, the national weather bureau forecasted the chill to abate over the weekend as the cold front weakens.