Thai villagers worship bizarre termite nest that looks like ghost of young boy


Superstitious villagers are worshipping a termite’s nest believed to be the ghost of a young boy.

The 60cm high nest made from dried mud baffled locals when it was found in the middle of a forest in Surin, Thailand on January 27.

Yanyong Kerdliam, 70, said he stumbled upon the formation while he was collecting firewood and mushrooms.

He rushed to call his neighbours about the ‘divine’ figure in the forest and they went together to verify his claims.

They were surprised when they saw the figure that resembled a young boy sitting on top of a mound complete with a head with two eyes, ears, and mouth.

The other villagers started to pray on the site, tying ribbons around the trees surrounding the nest to preserve it.

The termites are expanding the nest so the villagers are careful so that visitors will not accidentally damage it.

They took flowers, food, and other offerings for the ‘golden boy’ made from clay before saying a prayer to ask for their wishes.

They believed the nest was the spirit of ‘Kuman Thong,’ known in Buddhist teachings as a holy golden boy believed to bring luck and fortune.

Kuman Thong is usually found in Buddhist temples where figures of him or sold as lucky trinkets.

Yanyong, who was proud of his discovery, said they will take care of the nest and treat it as a religious site.

He said: ‘My neighbours are praying in front of it and guessing numbers to use in their lottery tickets as it is lucky.

‘We will take care of the golden boy so it will also bring us luck and guide us whenever we come to the forest to forage.’