Hundreds of locals queue for buns at ‘pop-up’ bakery in Thailand


Dozens of locals queued outside a department store in Thailand to buy a popular bread with cream filling.

Customers camped outside the Central Plaza Department Store in Ubon Ratchathani a day before the bread will be sold in the shops on January 24.

To save their slots, shoppers brought sleeping mats and mosquito nets and stayed overnight outside the store.

The sought-after bread, called Little C by a local bakery, is a cream bun with imported milk from Hokkaido, Japan which fans claimed had a smoother texture than other dairy products.

Some locals even hired personal shoppers to buy boxes of buns worth 25 Baht a piece for them before they run out.

One of the personal shoppers queueing outside the store said people pay up to 1,500 Baht per day just so they can taste the bread.

He said: ‘I waited since 6 a.m. to buy this bun and I get up to 1500 Baht a day per customer for buying it for them.’

Aside from the cream bun, the bakers also sold croissants with the popular cream filling inside.

The bakery, which does not have a permanent store in Thai provinces, opens pop-up booths in department stores and attracts a huge crowd.