Driver crashes into canal but survives after spending eight hours submerged using tiny air pocket to breathe


A woman miraculously survived after being trapped inside her car that was submerged underwater for eight hours.

Chachadaporn Samrit, 28, swerved to avoid a monitor lizard before falling down a canal in Nakhon Nayok province, Thailand on January 25.

Slowly, her car sunk in deeper into the river but she tried to keep calm and prevented unnecessary movements.

Water seeped in through the gaps of the car and soon after, leeches had crawled over her body and bit her.

She tried to push her way out but the doors would not budge so she stayed still breathing only on the tip of her nose in a tiny air pocket.

There was a space on the car roof that was not filled with water so she struggled to keep her head afloat and keep breathing.

Chachadaporn was losing energy and came close to passing out, but she continued shouting from time to time to catch the attention of passer-by but without success until eight hours later.

Residents Somchai Srina, 33 and Lo Srey, a Cambodian migrant worker, passed by the area to deliver ice to the nearby shops.

He saw a dog frantically barking at something on the edge of the road so they stopped the car to check.

The worker was shocked when they discovered a white car with a woman shouting inside. They tried to pull the car onto the edge but it was too heavy, until a passerby saw them and rushed to help.

Somchai smashed the windows and pulled the fatigued woman before taking her to the hospital.

She was checked for injuries and is now in stable condition after being given medicines for fatigue and dehydration.

Speaking at the hospital, Chachadaporn said she was only praying the whole terrifying night.

She said: ‘I didn’t want to die and thought about the three children I have to take care of. My kids need me. That’s what kept me alive. Thinking about them made me determined to survive. I knew that if I could stay awake until morning there would be hope for me.’

Chachadaporn thanked the good Samaritans who helped her. She is now recovering from bruises and wounds at the hospital.