Fisherman tilt boats sideways to pass under low bridge


Creative Thai fishermen tilt down their boats to pass through a low bridge blocking their path.

The bridge was built for easier access between villages separated by rivers, but its low height had blocked some of the larger fishing boats in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand.

Over time, the fishermen have developed a technique to let them pass through and reach the Pak Phanang river’s fishing grounds.

Footage from January 29 shows two fishermen standing on one side of the ship using their tilt it sideways and deeper into the water.

With the boat tilted down, it was low enough to pass under the concrete road bridge.

One of the fishermen who lives in the area said they smaller boats would easily pass through but not the bigger vessels.

He said: ‘It takes a special technique if the ship is bigger. We need to level its height using our weight so we can pass through.’