Locals feed hundreds of migrating seagulls in Thailand


Locals fed hundreds of migrating seagulls as they flocked to a pier in Thailand.

Visitors crowded the around the walkway at Bang Pu recreation centre in Samut Prakan province to watch the birds, which had arrived from cooler regions in Europe and Russia.

Video taken on November 18 shows the seagulls swooping down to pluck pieces of food from the tourists’ fingers. The locals also used their phones to film the seasonal spectacle.

Every year, the birds travel to the recreation centre from northern regions to escape the freezing winters. The surrounding mangroves rich in food have made it a favourite stopover for the seagulls, which swarm the area from November to April.

Tourists can buy food to feed the birds on the spot, with prices ranging from 10 to 50 THB per bag.