Woman hits cobra with broomstick after it creeps up on her on driveway

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g8recoyn7z97yxv/VRP7944.mp4?dl=0

A terrified mother frantically hit a cobra with a broomstick after the reptile crept up on her and her children.

The woman, Nok, was sweeping her driveway when the 4ft long cobra slithered behind her. Her three-year-old son was nearby and her other son was also on the driveway.

CCTV footage shows how Nok spotted the snake and whacked it with the broom outside her home in Phrae province, Thailand on January 28.

The deadly snake survived and slithered away into the bushes.

Nok said: ‘That snake came out of nowhere. It coulld have killed me or my children. Luckily we pushed it away.’