Pet dog woken up by China earthquake

This is the moment a pet dog was awoken by an earthquake that struck off the coast of China on Wednesday November 17.

Footage taken on CCTV shows the three-year-old pooch named Guomei sleeping on the dog bed when it was jolted by the magnitude 5.1 quake that was felt in Shanghai. A plant next to it was also seen swaying.

Dog owner Miss Lu said: ‘ I didn’t think it was an earthquake. I only found out after reading the news. Generally speaking, I was quite calm.’

She added that she first thought the shaking was caused by students from a nearby school doing exercises at the playground.

The earthquake struck in the waters close to Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, with a focal depth of 17 kilometers. The Jiangsu Seismological Bureau said it happened at 13:54 local time on November 17, 2021.