Out-of-control truck rams through vehicles and lampposts in China


An out-of-control truck rammed through several vehicles and lampposts in northern China.

Surveillance footage recorded in Taiyuan City, Shanxi province on November 16 shows the vehicle tearing through a section of County Road 232 in Xinghualing District.

The truck could be heard honking its horn to warn of the impending danger before plowing through street lights and parked cars. It finally stopped when it crashed and flipped over.

Faulty brakes are believed to have caused the accident.

Three people, including a child, were reported injured. They have been sent to the hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, six vehicles, and several CCTV cameras and utility poles were damaged. The truck also disrupted electricity in the area when it smashed into power supply facilities. Electricity was restored early morning on November 17.