Huge snake crashes through ceiling after eating family’s pet cat

A huge snake crashed through a ceiling in a family’s ceiling after eating their pet cat.

The enormous python was found hiding above the panels after the beloved moggy named ‘meow’ went missing from the home in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand.

A resident of the house called a rescue volunteer group after spotting the snake’s shiny golden scales through a hole in one of the boards. The specialist tried to pull the serpent out, but it broke through the ceiling due to its weight and thick body.

The agitated python then tried to lunge towards the man, who managed to subdue it with his gloved hands and placed it in a plastic container following the ordeal on August 4.

The terrified homeowner said: ‘The snake’s stomach was bulging from eating my cat. It was violent, it even tried to bite the animal handler.’

The python was safely brought out from the family’s home and was then freed to the wild.