Villagers catch 200kg snakehead fish in Thailand

Villagers caught a massive 200-kilogram snakehead fish in Thailand.

Teerawut Pansomboon, 40, and his friends were out fishing at a canal in Suphan Buri province when they noticed the giant fish moving inside the net.

When they looked closer, the group found that they had caught a giant snakehead fish that topped the scales with the impressive weight and was more than five feet long.

For three days, the villagers guarded the marine beast, and even used a football net to prevent it from escaping. On the third day, they managed to lift it out of the water. One of the villagers agreed to keep it in a pond in his home.

Mayor of Ban Pho Subdistrict Municipality Wirat Khamhomkul has offered to have the fish transferred to a local school so students can feed it.

Teerawut said: ‘Somebody has offered to buy the fish from us for 30,000 THB but we will not sell it. My friends and I thought we should take care of it to educate other people and also keep it as a trophy.’

The United States Geological Survey said the giant snakehead is native to tropical Southeast Asia. It usually resides in stagnant or slow-flowing water, and is known to be an aggressive predator, sometimes even attacking humans.