Notorious Thai zoo files for bankruptcy after Covid-19 obliterated tourist


A notorious Thai zoo with emaciated elephants has filed for bankruptcy after Covid-19 obliterated its income from tourists.

The Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo sparked outrage with its disturbing treatment of animals.

Painthinlly thin elephants were seen limping around empty stadiums, chained by the ankles and being forced to perform tricks.

While bears being kept in filthy pools were recorded rocking back and forth against the concrete walls of their enclosures.

Bosses even dressed up chimps in Hawaiin shirts while making them ride bikes and spray sanitising liquid, in a bizarre attempt at showing the park’s cleanliness.

In 2019, Chinese tour giant Ctip banned ticket sales to the zoo – one of its most lucrative revenue streams – following campaigns by animal rights groups.

However, travel restrictions imposed last March due to the coronavirus pandemic have prevented international holidaymakers from visiting Thailand.

Owner’s of the zoo have now filed for bankruptcy, with a notice published this week in Thailand’s Royal Gazette.

The January 26 notice, titled ‘Liquidation and dissolution of the company Bangpakong Crocodile Farm and Zoo Co Ltd, stated: ‘We would like to inform you that the above mentioned Bangpakong Crocodile Farm and Zoo Company Limited has dissolved.’

Animals rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) welcomed the announcement following several years of campaigning to have the zoo closed down.

PETA Senior Vice President Jason Baker said: ‘The Samut Prakan Zoo was hell on Earth for animals, but thanks to PETA, WFFT, and online pressure by concerned people around the world, their prolonged suffering will finally come to an end.

Owners of the zoo were not available for comment today (Fri) and did not return calls.