Out-of-control pickup truck rams shop in Thailand


This is the dramatic moment an out-of-control truck rammed into a shop in Thailand.

CCTV video shows the moment the pickup truck dashed through the road, its tires screeching as it knocked down a tree and smashed into the store in Chonburi province early morning on November 11.

Shop owner Panumat Inphet, 41, was asleep with his wife when they both heard a loud crash on their property.

The couple rushed downstairs and found the dented vehicle amid piles of broken plastic baskets. Its driver was still conscious, but in shock at what had just happened.

Panumat said his two motorcycles, along with other shop items, were crushed in the accident.

Total damages amounted to 45,000 THB (1,023 GBP). The driver agreed to take responsibility and pay for the damage after completing treatment at the hospital.

Panumat said: ‘My wife and I were sound asleep only three metres away from where the crash happened. A similar accident has happened before so I kept a concrete barrier outside to protect the place.

‘Drivers that are not familiar with this route should be cautious as accidents can happen anytime.’