Deer rescued after falling into abandoned well


This is the heartwarming moment a muntjac deer was saved after it fell down an abandoned well.

The hapless creature, also known as a barking deer, accidentally slipped into the well while feeding on the grass in Nakhon Nayok province, Thailand on January 28.

Suradej Kaewkham, 55, was passing through the area heard strange noises from the hole so he went closer to check.

The villager was shocked when he saw a brown animal which at first he thought was a dog because of the barking sound it was making. He realised it was a deer after seeing its horns.

The deer was at the bottom of the 4ft-deep well with water which almost drowned it.

Suradej rushed to call the animal rescuers who arrived while the animal struggled to keep its head above water.

He said: ‘I thought a dog was stuck in the well, so I was surprised when I saw that it was a deer. I felt sorry for it. There was nothing I could do apart from get help as quickly as possible.’

The male deer weighed 20 kilograms and was three or four years old. The well was two meters wide and four meters deep.

Rescuers used a rope to make a knot and hook it around the deer’s neck and use a white cloth to wrap it around the body of the deer.

The deer was scared so it was moving around restlessly. It took thirty minutes before they were able to lift the deer out of the well. It was then released into the wild.