Swiss tourist ‘high on drugs’ arrested after going berserk in Thailand

A Swiss tourist ‘high on drugs’ was arrested after going berserk in Thailand.

Baur Markus, 58, allegedly took methamphetamine tablets before smashing up his room and screaming obscenities which disturbed his neighbours on Koh Chang island, Trat province on November 14.

The landlord reported the expat to the police after loud noises were heard from his room. Officers issued an arrest warrant before searching through his room at the homestay resort.

Officers said they found a dental floss box containing 29.79 grams of cannabis. Shards of broken glass also littered the room.

Baur was brought to the police station and went through a urine test, which came back positive for methamphetamine and marijuana in his system. He was charged for unauthorised possession of narcotics.

Police colonel Apisak Kamneud said: ‘The tourist confessed that he had purchased a box of marijuana for 500 THB.

‘We informed him about his rights and he accepted the allegations made. Related documents and evidence have been delivered to Koh Chang police station for further legal proceedings.’