Mallgoers walk through tunnel of colourful ‘clouds’ in Bangkok, Thailand

Shopping mall visitors walked through a tunnel decorated with colourful ‘clouds’.

More than 5,000 white balloons covered the ceiling of the Samyan Mitrtown department store’s walkway tunnel in Bangkok, Thailand, on November 21. The path directs passengers to an underground station where a colourful light show awaits them.

The lights, which used an anaglyphic overlay technique, create 3D patterns of passersby’s shadows and turn the tunnel into a unique ‘Instagrammable’ spot where visitors can take photos.

The party-like atmosphere, as well as statement art painted in bold typography across the station’s stairs, invite locals to ‘celebrate life’.

The campaign called SAMYAN MITRTOWN UNLOCK aims to welcome New Year 2022. Light shows in the tunnel will be held from 10 AM to 10 PM everyday until January 10.