Truck smashes into office after driver accidentally steps on gas pedal

A truck smashed into an office after the driver accidentally accelerated in central China.

Shocking CCTV footage taken in Zhengzhou City, Henan province on November 20 shows staff working inside the vehicle inspection office when the truck rammed into the room and knocked a woman out of the building.

The driver appeared to be in a daze amid the chaos as employees rushed to the injured lady’s aid.

Mr. Li, officer-in-charge of the inspection centre, said the truck was on its way to the registration desk when the incident happened. The driver reportedly turned to take something from the back of his seat and accidentally stepped on the gas pedal, causing him to crash into the log-in booth.

The injured woman has been sent to the hospital and suffered only minor wounds.

Mr. Li added that the crash cost them tens of thousands of yuan in property damage. They have reported the incident to the police.