Woman dangles chicken leg in front of pet husky to make it pull cart


A woman dangled a chicken leg in front of her pet husky to make it pull a cart in central China.

Amusing video filmed in Zhengzhou City, Henan province on November 18 shows the pooch running after the chicken leg as the lady, seated on a dog cart attached to her pet, hung the meat from a wooden stick.

Footage shows how the dog, named Mush, kept using its strength to pull the cart – like the old adage of a donkey and a carrot.

The pet owner said: ‘I went when there was no one in Qianxi Square in the morning. I made the dog pull the cart by baiting it with chicken.

‘I was trying to tire it out and get rid of its excess energy so it won’t make a mess at home.’

She added that she let curious passersby try the unique ride for themselves.