Rusty gate falls down on woman while she tries to fix it

This is the scary moment a rusty metal gate fell on a woman while she was trying to fix it.

Tipa Yangtin, 49, noticed that the sliding gate was slightly jammed because of rust while visiting her friend in Chai Nat province, Thailand on November 15.

Concerned Tipa fetched a bottle of oil to loosen up the gate’s rail track, thinking of the difficulty the elderly homeowner must have while trying to open it.

She poured the liquid on the track and pushed the gate back and forth to lubricate the rollers. However, sliding it remained difficult. Tipa then dragged the gate back hard, causing it to be dislodged.

CCTV footage shows the iron gate falling on top of Tipa as she shouted for help.

Homeowner Rapeetat Teerachaichinnakon said: ‘This has never happened during our stay in this home for seven years. Fortunately, there were people around at the time of the incident to help my friend.’

Tipa was able to stand after the incident, but found that her rib cage was aching. She said she is currently monitoring her injuries and will visit the hospital if the pain worsens.