Filipino artist sketches SEVEN portraits simultaneously… showing each member of K-pop group BTS

Incredible footage shows how a talented young artist can sketch seven portraits at the same time.

Junel Salido, 20, uses seven pens tied to a wooden stick to draw each member of the Korean pop boy band BTS simultaneously.

Earlier this month the talented artists produced five sketches at the same time showing each member of the British pop boy band group One Direction, including Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and the others.

Instead of focusing on just one portrait per sitting, Junel can make seven all at once by seemingly co-ordinating the delicate movements.

Junel said he learned to do so by mimicking online tutorials where artists drew pairs of illustrations at the same time. Once he mastered the technique, he honed his skills even further by increasing the number of sketches.

The artist, from Agusan del Sur province, the Philippines, said: ‘I shade the drawings together so I can finish them all simultaneously. It’s confusing sometimes, but I’ve gotten used to it.’

More people took notice of Junel’s art after he posted timelapses of himself sketching on social media. The portraits sell for P300 (about £4.50) to P1,200 (£17.5) each, which Junel uses to fund his schooling.