Thai-Australian Miss Universe winner probed by police after posing while standing on country’s flag (Footage shows lawyer making police complaint against Thai-Australian Miss Universe model Anchilee Scott-Kemmis)

A Thai-Australian Miss Universe model has been probed by police after appearing in a poster – standing on the country’s flag.

Anchilee Scott-Kemmis, 22, won the Miss Universe Thailand beauty pageant last month after impressing judges with curve, which she proudly called ‘real size’.

She was later photographed in a red jump-suit outfit holding the country’s flag. A second national flag was digitally added under her feet.

Bizarrely, the image upset some locals who accused Anchilee of disrespecting the red, white and blue flag – a symbol of the monarchy which is also shielded by archaic and notoriously strict lese majeste laws.

Pro-Royalist lawyer Sonthiya Sawasdee, former advisor to the Commission on Law, Justice and Human Rights of the House of Representatives, filed a complaint with police this week accusing Anchilee of being part of an ‘inappropriate’ picture.

Sawasdee believes that the photograph needs to be checked as he fears it may have been used ‘for the wrong purpose’.

He said: ‘The model has a large fanbase. I fear that she may be setting a wrong example for young people. More than 57 million Thais are on Facebook so they have access to this inappropriate picture.

‘I believe she may not be aware of her inappropriate actions. The beauty pageant contest is answerable of their intentions of using the flag and whether they had received permission from the Prime Minister’s office or not.’

The lawyer added that pageant organisers are free to sue him if his complaint has caused dissatisfaction and tarnished their reputation, saying he only wishes to ‘prevent the younger generation from following’.

He said he wanted to know if the pageant had secured permission from the Prime Minister’s Office in using the image of the flag for the picture.

Sonthiya accused the Thai-Australian model of committing offences under the 1979 Flag Act and the Criminal Law section 118 for using the flag for commercial use. The offence is punishable by both imprisonment of up to two years and a fine of up to 40,000 Baht.

Anchilee Scott-Kemis is scheduled to depart for the Miss Universe 2021 pageant in Ellath, Israel on November 23, 2021 evening.

Police confirmed they had received the complaint but they have not as of yet taken any action against the model. She is not understood to have been interviewed by police.