Python found hiding under family’s fridge after eating pet kitten

A large python was caught hiding under a family’s fridge after eating their pet kitten.

Officers called the local snake wrangler after discovering the snake resting under the office fridge in Krabi province, southern Thailand on November 18.

The specialists arrived and saw the 12ft-long reptile curled near the appliance’s compressor. They tried to pull the snake out, but it fled and hid under a desk.

They then used a long pole to catch the creature, pulling it out and sealing it inside a sack.

Devastated owner Lek Khanthong said: ‘Our kitten had gone missing. I believe that the python came down here to search for food and ate our cat. Its stomach was also bulging when it was caught.’

The snake wranglers took the 15kg snake back with them and later released it to the wild.