Traffic cops help woman give birth on roadside in the Philippines

Three heroic traffic cops helped a woman give birth inside a van while she was on her way to the hospital in the Philippines.

Cedric Cruz was on duty in Camino Nueva town in Zamboanga City on November 11 when he saw the white vehicle stopped on the roadside. He approached to question the driver, and found a female passenger already in the middle of labour.

He promptly called an ambulance to fetch the mother while two police officers who noticed the commotion came to inspect the van.

With the ambulance still on the way and no time to waste, they decided to help the woman give birth on the spot. Despite not having any formal medical training, the uniformed men managed to safely deliver the baby.

The mother and her infant were transferred to a hospital where they are now resting. Meanwhile, the three heroes were praised for their valiant deed and quick decision-making.

Cedric said: ‘I ran to ask them what the problem was. Then I saw the pregnant woman lying inside while her baby’s head was crowning. I’m very proud because I was able to help someone in need.’